Postmodern Form: From Objects to Ether

15 – “Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism” – F. Jameson

In this article, the author expressed some negative opinion on the Postmodernism that has been described as dubious, impractical and non-generalizing.

Frederic Jameson used the examples of “Peasant Shoes” in visual art by Van Gogh and the “Diamond Dust Shoes” in contemporary visual art by Andy Warhol to compare and contrast the High Modernism and the Postmodernism.

The influence of industrial revolution deeply impacted the capitalistic society in all kinds of social aspects. Technology as an exterior format of cosmopolitan capitalism, it was described as the machine-made architecture style – international style. Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright were categorized in this style. The International Style was widely superseded by Postmodern Architecture that started in the 1960s.Postmodernism is not only a style but also a trend, and it influenced on literature, art and architecture. With the industrialization extending to the world, mass-production and over consumption highly affected the life of capitalistic society. From the aesthetics to philosophy, the production of this society became into the general commodity. We always lost in the concrete forest that cloned from other cities.

I partly agreed with the author’s opinion on the Postmodernism. However, the spectrum of postmodernist architecture covered various form, many architect’s works has broken through the original limitation of the Postmodernist. It has developed away from the brand of late Capitalism.


1. Does the globalization destroy the regional culture?
2. Is the Postmodernist inevitable result in architectural area of the development of the Capitalism?


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